Monday, March 22, 2010

Picky Eaters

I've been thinking about the food I bring to work a lot.  This may have been sparked by my leftover sushi and the looks of both awe and disgust it received.  Why are people so afraid to try something new?  Barring food allergies, what is the worst that could happen?  You eat something you don't like, so you spit it out.  Why not try the food?  It may be something you really enjoy, but would never know.  I've never been a picky eater, and the foods I eat have often been looked upon with suspicion.  Come to think of it, some of the clothes I wear have been looked upon with suspicion too, so I guess the food fits.

I pack mostly healthy and quick lunches.  I may make enough pasta one night to last a few days.  I plan ahead.  No, I don't have children who take up my time, but I would think children would be even more cause to plan meals.  Sauteing some garlic in olive oil and tossing in penne, tomatoes, and olives is not rocket science.  It's not even strange food.  It's simple; it's delicious, and it's not processed.  It's not "normal" by today's standards.  "Normal" is T.V. dinners and Twinkies.  I'll stick with my strange lunches and the stares to go along with it.

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