Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quick post before bed

I was in Chicago this weekend, and it was amazing!  I'm from a very small town, so it's always difficult for me not to walk around staring at the tall buildings with my mouth ajar.  I ate at Topalobampo Friday night.  Rick Bayless was sitting at the table diagonally from me, and I wanted to stare, but I kept myself under control.  I felt it would be tacky to take pictures during the meal, so unfortunately I have non to share.  My fiance and I shared the Trio, Trio, Trio which is three different ceviches.  This was my first ceviche experience, and it was not disappointing. It's kind of a like a sushi salsa.   I continued my meal with the Alaskan black cod with black beans and chorizo.  If you are in Chicago you should check it out.  Great atmosphere, great service, amazing food.

We had a few other culinary adventures, and I ate way too much.  My body is not used to digesting as much meat as I ate this weekend.  I will be making a 3 bean salad tonight before I head off to bed.  It should last me all week for lunches.  I will post pictures and the recipe tomorrow.

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